• Meditation Made Easy!

    Meditation Made Easy!

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  • What’s Your Soul Archetype™?

    What’s Your Soul Archetype™?

    Discover more about your soul essence, unearth your innate gifts and have a great understanding about what makes you YOU! Then check out our retreats to help you balance all your Soul Archetypal energy!

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  • Our Manifesto

    Our Manifesto

    We support people in remembering who they are through interactive workshops, soul-inspired retreats, and through reconnecting with our natural world.

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  • Soul Archetype™ Retreats

    • Personal Soul Archetype Retreat

      Personal Soul Archetype Retreat

      These retreats are designed with your Soul Archetype in mind. They help you to balance the qualities of your Soul Archetype and find the tools which help your soul grow exponentially. You can take the Soul Archetype quiz to find yours, then book your own personal retreat!

  • Explore Sacred Soul Center

    Come experience the beauty and natural environment of Sacred Soul Center, where every season is magical!

  • Connecting To Your Guides

    In this Guided Shamanic Journey, Dakota takes you on a visionary exploration of the spirit realms to introduce you to your Spirit Guides. Learn their names, what their message is for you, and share in the wisdom they have for you. This is a deeply moving journey that will help guide you on your spiritual path.

What is Your Soul Archetype™?

We each are governed and influenced by a certain Soul Archetype™. Take the quiz and find out yours – learn how to harness your gifts, understand both the shadow and light sides of your Soul Archetype™ as well as how to be in relationship with someone with a different Soul Archetype™.

Experience Sacred Soul

View our gallery of photos and experience Sacred Soul throughout each season, during our retreats, and view the sacred sites which have been built/created on this ancient land.

Work/Study Programs

Sacred Soul Center offers a reduced cost learning exchange program for those interested in offsetting the typical cost of a retreat. Our experience has shown us that there is a great desire for people to come here to learn, grow, and be of service.  Work really is love in action.

Soul Sessions

Exploring one on one sessions as a way to create sacred space and healing. These sessions are deep and profound, helping you to transform and soulfully grow. Many available via Skype or phone as well as in person.

Practitioner Certification Program

Change the world one person at a time! As a Misneach Shamanic Practitioner you will be able to offer Shamanic Soul Coaching and healing for others. A combination of online courses and a 10 day certification retreat makes it easy and affordable!

Shamanic Journeyers Club

Let us make it easier for you to nurture your life and to change the world.  Receive a weekly guided Shamanic Meditation, video teachings, tips on deepening your practice and other added premium content.

Come Explore What’s Happening at Sacred Soul Center

Soul Archetype™ Retreats

  • Earth – The Soul Shaman

    Earth – The Soul Shaman

    Through the Earth Gateway we explore sacred methods of connecting with the inner Soul Shaman. Discover Trance Dance, Ritual & Ceremony, Shamanic BreathWork, etc. as tools to navigate walking between the worlds and accessing the healing knowledge of the Soul Shaman.

  • Ether – The Wisdom Keeper

    Ether – The Wisdom Keeper

    This ten day retreat weaves the energies of all 4 cardinal directions into a beautiful tapestry, unfolding our Soul Essence, and our I Am presence. Participants will learn how to incorporate the Directional energies into their daily lives and integrate tools for sustaining the lessons learned through the Gateway Series….

  • Water – Sacred Heart Warrior

    Water – Sacred Heart Warrior

    During this retreat we open doorways to 4th and 5th dimensional consciousness. We’ll explore how to access our inner knowing and being through the wisdom of the heart chakra. When we experience our aliveness through the heart chakra, we come into perfect union and harmony with our divinity…

  • Air  – The Visionary

    Air – The Visionary

    Living our Sacred Purpose is our greatest gift to humanity. It allows us to live harmoniously, it bubbles our passion to the surface and spills into the world around us thereby effecting others in soulful ways. During this retreat we not only explore the realms of Sacred Purpose but we also learn how to amplify our energy and harness the power within the frequencies of the Universe – The Solfeggio Frequencies, the Schuman’s Resonance and more.

  • Fire – The Alchemist

    Fire – The Alchemist

    Here we heal the stories of our ancestors and release ourselves from the grip of karma and of toxic thinking. This is where we are free step away from identifying with our old stories and to embrace our inner power. As the Alchemist, we lean into our ability to transform our shadows into miracles of light and wisdom…

Upcoming Events

  • Earth – The Soul Shaman

    Earth – The Soul Shaman

    Through the Earth Gateway we explore sacred methods of connecting with the inner Soul Shaman. Discover Trance Dance, Ritual & Ceremony, Shamanic BreathWork, etc. as tools to navigate walking between the worlds and accessing the healing knowledge of the Soul Shaman.

Personal Shamanic Retreats

  • Writers Retreat

    Writers Retreat

    Even the deepest well can run dry. As writers ourselves, we know the value of secluded inspiration which can often only be found in nature. Spend time in the rustic mountains of Sacred Soul Center, and you just might discover the golden thread to your inner muse.

  • Inner Beloved

    Inner Beloved

    Discovering Your Inner Beloved Fall in love with the one who is guranteed to be with you all your life … you. Integrate emotions which hold you back, let go of fears and anger that keep your soul from shining. During this retreat you will work extensively on the emotional blockages which plague your relationship […]

  • Sacred Purpose

    Sacred Purpose

    Your Sacred Calling Do you feel stuck in your job or your life? Are you tired of being tired? Does your life lack the passion and vitality you crave? Do you feel like there is more to life than what you have currently? If any of this sounds familiar then this retreat may help you […]

  • The Sacred Warrior

    The Sacred Warrior

    The Sacred Warrior Find your own sense of power and divine guidance to take control of your life in a profound and deepening way. During this retreat you will discover ways of revitalizing your inner source, tapping into the unified field and creating a life which is on purpose and soulful. Day One (Arrive in […]

From the Hearts of Our Participants

  • More content with life

    earthcloudIn the past I was having difficulties with being able to properly meditate. I was scattered and not properly focused. Thank you for letting me test your guided meditation. It was such a relief to finally realize success. I have now enjoyed several of your guided meditations and have benefited greatly from them, I find I am more at peace and more content with life in general now, and have developed a clearer acceptance of who/what I am and where I am headed. Thank you.

    Pauline Hintz

  • Just What is Needed

    earthcloudAt the beginning of 2014, I signed up for the Shamanic Journeyer Club. For some time I have wanted to meditate more regularly, but nothing really leapt out at me until I found Dakota’s website. Every Saturday I really look forward to receiving the meditation and email. Without fail, each meditation has been just what is required for the week or current situation that I find myself in. I download the meditation to my phone and print the accompanying notes out, and have a lovely purple folder to keep them in. It is a very easy to follow format and feels effortless, so huge thanks Dakota for your wonderful work.

    Chrissie Slade
    United Kingdom

  • I Literally Wept ..

    earthcloud“I have listened to the medicine wheel meditation and couldn’t possibly imagine this one as having  nearly an impact- but I literally wept. From the moss in my forest filled with white birch trees to the meeting of my glowing higher self (and seeing her so clearly and with so much love).The cutting of my defects were so literal that I truly felt as if my room were on a dimmer switch, glowing stronger green and turning up the connection to my True self. AMAZING.Forever changed.”

  • Soft Leading and Fulfilling

    earthcloud“This meditation softly settled into synchronicity then I’m seeing so much of it was beautiful soft leading and fulfilling thank you.”

  • Thanks for the Shifts and Changes!

    earthcloud“Wow Thank you Much For this Journey. I feel truly blessed by the Magick within and give thanks for the Shift and Changes x So Vivid SO very Vivid x Blessed be.”

The Latest Musings

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5 Ways to Hear Your Spirit Guides

5 Ways to Hear Your Spirit Guides

Communicating with our spirit guides, ancestors, and all those within the spirit realm is relatively easy if you take the time to learn the language. Just like speaking a foreign language takes time and dedication to learn, so does Soul Tracking™, a language used for communicating with the spirit realm.


Heart Whisperings Blog

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Being Human

Being Human

As my bumper sticker reads “LIFE: If you aren’t amazed, then you aren’t paying attention.” Discover something new when you fully engage your senses.